【HIGHTIDE/ハイタイド】アタシェ マーブル万年筆 (ブラック)

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サイズ パッケージ / 幅12.5 × 高さ2.2 × 奥行3.3 (cm)
本体 / φ1.3 × 高さ10.3 (cm)
素材 アクリル
生産 中国または台湾(入荷時期により異なります)
パッケージ 紙箱入り
備考 ペン先F(細字)・24金ゴールドプレート ステンレススチール、カートリッジ式(ヨーロッパ共通規格ショート対応)、ブルーインクカートリッジ1本付属

attache Marbled Fountain Pen
Sophisticated marble pattern on a plain silhouette. It gives different impression depending on the angle that it’s seen, also there are humble individualities in the pattern. Its 24K gold plated fine nib is very smooth and supple, which is necessary for comfortable writing. Its clipped body is light-weight and handy, also easy to hold with its cap on the bottom part of its body. It’s ready packed in a special gift box for you and your loved ones.
Enjoy the contrast of its impressive motif and minimal outline.
It’s indeed short but comfortable to hold with its cap on the bottom part of its barrel.

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¥2,750 tax included