【DRILLOG/ドリログ】 クラシカル マテリアル アルミ (トパーズイエロー)

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■material AL(マテリアル アルミ)について
カラーバリエーションそれぞれに鉱石の名称を冠し、 石言葉とともに色合いにも意味を込めました。色鮮やかなアルマイトカラーから、ぜひお気に入りの一色をお選びください。

■寸法:Φ10.5mm w: 121.5mm



DRILLOG classical material AL Topaz Yellow

This is a barrel with a classical structure with material shape.

■About classical
This series has a traditional pen body structure consisting of a body and a cap.
■About material (material stainless steel)
This series has a simple form that makes the most of the beauty of the material itself.
AL, made of aluminum, is characterized by its light weight and rich color variations. Each color variation bears the name of an ore, and the meaning of the color as well as the language of the stone. Please choose your favorite color from the vivid anodized aluminum colors.

■Material : Alminiunim, Almighty treatment
■Dimensions : Φ10.5mm w : 121.5mm
■Weight : 22g

※The anodizing process is done by craftsmen one by one, so the color may be slightly different from the picture, and there are individual differences. The color may vary slightly from the picture.
※There may be a few small spots of color loss on the surface of the product. Please understand that this is due to the characteristics of the material and anodizing process.
※The price is for the barrel only.
※The nib is sold separately.

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¥5,000 tax included